Randy Stonehill

Sleeping - Randy Stonehill, Phil Madiera

I see the world as a perfect place / No tears, no fears, no dizzy fall from grace / No hungry
moths / No one in pain / No naked orphans in the rain / But I was only sleeping / Safe and
sound in bed / While the world was weeping / Hanging by a thread / I was only sleeping /
Sometimes a voice whispers in the night / About the river of souls running through my life / Lives
in the balance / See 'em sinking down / Will I reach out or watch them drown / But I just go
on sleeping / Safe within my dream / While the world is weeping / Bleeding at the seams / I
just go on sleeping / Sleeping / The harvest is ready and ripe / But the fields are on fire / The
workers deserted to chase the mirage of desire / And I was only sleeping / Sleeping / There's
a mournful dove on my window sill / If I don't wake up, who will

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