Randy Stonehill


I can touch you but I can't reach you
I can love you but I can't save you
Crushed beneath some unseen weight
Locked behind some prison gate
I pound on these walls with my bleeding hands
And long to pull you from sinking sand

Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
The sky is blue
Your eyes are too
But they don't see

Link by link grows the chain of fear
A necklace of thorns watered by your tears
Even now one hope remains
One Holy Fire to quench the rain
I pray that you heart will be warmed by the dawn
And these shadows will be gone


A devil has entered your house
He devours your days
But his spell will be broken
If you turn from his gaze

Is my voice growing faint in the gathering haze
Has your path been obscured in this dark twisting maze
We all bare the crimson scar
But that's not all of what you ware
I wish I could turn this terrible tide
And call the angels to your side


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