Randy Stonehill

Allison, we've been friends
a long, long, time
You know that I love you
and I've got to say
Allison, you've been heavy
on my mind
We both know that something
is wrong
All the weight you carry
on your shoulders
Can't you see it's bound
to break your heart

There you go, wishing on
a falling star
Now it's time to get a hold
of something real
Allison, until you find out
who you are
don't you know you're fooling yourself
everyone gets scared
of taking chances
But we all lose until
we let love in
Allison, let love in

This world can blind you
with golden dreams
that turn to ashes and rust
when God was waiting
with a perfect gift
you left lying there
in the dust

Allison, give yourself
a real chance
I know that the morning's
gonna shine on you
Allison, love can teach
your heart to dance
It can be so easy to do
When you're finally tired
From all your running
leave the past behind
and come on home
You can come on home
Come on home
Come on home

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