A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept

Randy Stonehill

A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept
R. Stonehill & R. Elias

We must trust the hands
That we cannot see
That's how we become
Who we're born to be
A faith made pure
Like a cross of gold
Here in a dying world
That's the only thing
We can ever hold

A promise made is a promise kept
There is a love so true
Just hold on, God is holding on to you
Day by day
Prayer by prayer
Oh, don't you ever forget
That a promise made
Is a promise kept

Through the waiting years
And the tears we've cried
If our dreams come true
Or remain denied
The greatest gift
Far beyond compare
Is to realize when we call on God
We will find him there


God isn't sleeping
Oh you know that He isn't blind
And our prayers will be answered
In His own way
In His own time


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