Randy Stonehill


Rainbow around my door
I've seen You here before
You greet me every day
send the night far away

Rainbow I've learned Your name
You saved us from the rain
here in Your wonderous light
I know everything's all right

when You're near me I can tell
that You know me very well
suddenly my deepest fears
oh oh You're my

Rainbow so bright and true
and when my life is through
please take me by the hand
lead me to that Rainbow land

Rainbow You're my friend
and where the Rainbow ends
I know You've made a place
where I'll see You face to face

oh oh You're my Rainbow

(There is a little rainbow
it's shining in the sky
and when I saw it as it shined
I always wondered why
why the pretty colors
came shining down each time
But now I know the rainbow
And that's the reason why)

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