Glenna Bree

(verse 1)
When I think of the love you gave
It turns my world around
And other times just like pouring rain
You left me drenched in doubt

(pre-chorus 1)
And on and on, I’m spinning ‘round
My mind, my love, my soul

Vertigo, my heart’s in a vertigo
And I don’t know where to go
I’m stuck in a vertigo with you

(verse 2)
The last time that we said goodbye
Your touch upon my lips
I still feel it every time
I think about that kiss

(verse 3)
So I just lie to myself and say
It never meant a thing
But I just cannot deny what’s real
The love, the pain, the sting

(pre-chorus 2)
And I fall, I fall, I’m losing all
My balance and control

(repeat chorus)

And I want I wanna disappear
The picture always reappears
Each time that I let you go
I turn and you’re right there

(repeat chorus 2x)

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