Wishing I Were You

Glenna Bree

(verse 1)
Hey there goes your girl
You picked her from the sky
Great you’re so in love
I’ll just say goodbye

And I’ll go to my room
Lock the door and sleep till June
And I’ll dream my days away
Wishing I were you

(verse 2)
Hey who’s in that mirror
I think I know that face
Someone I knew years ago
In a different place

Different time, different scene
But my eyes they’re still green
Can you tell me what I mean
Wishing I were you

So where is my someone, my promise of a star
Everyone else seems to have one so mine, he can’t be far
I pick a four-leaf clover, the luckiest of charms
Hoping that I’ll find my baby sleeping in my arms

(verse 3)
There goes my boy
Swimming in the moon
Drowning every sunrise
April May and June

But I know that you’re there
It’s enough to keep me here
Knowing it will all come true
Wishing I were you

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