Upside Down

Glenna Bree
앨범 : Upside Down

(verse 1)
You surprised me today
With a box from Tiffany
And a dinner in L.A.
But last night such a jerk
7 texts you didn’t see
Never called me after work
(prechorus 1)
And I dunno just what to do sometimes
Went to a psychic tried to read your mind
Look to the skies I’m asking what to do
Out of view, me and you ooh ooh oo oo oo
Upside down
We never seem to hit the ground
I’m in a free fall
Spinning ‘round
Straight outta orbital
Speed of sound
We’re flying upside down ah ah ah ah own
(verse 2)
Such a flirt at the club
With every girl that dances by
I see your shoulders start to rub
But alone in my room
The way we’re breathing eye to eye
Makes my heart go boom boom
(prechorus 2)
And I don’t know just where we are right now
Cuz I’m floating in a different world
Your arms around me and I’ll never fall
Breaking now Newton’s law aw aw aw aw
(repeat chorus)
And we don’t ever have to fall
It’s up to us after all
(repeat chorus)

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