Cocoa Brovaz

Lookin out my window hypnotized by the rain
In a trance reminicing bout the soldiers slain
Fighting wars in the brain trying to maintain
Hoping mama won't have to feel the pain
Looking at a closed casket or a picture frame
Even shorties that you banged won't forget your name
Still feel strange how times do change
We doing our thing and in our minds you remain
As I uncap a 5th of Henny for my soldiers that's a memory
Thinking 'bout the fun times we had together
Blazin' 'till the sunshine
Drinkin' the cheap wine
I know I never find a ? of the same kind
But at the same time, I'm constantly writin' eulogies
For my big homey locs and my loco g's
Since '73 it seems death followed me to my man ?Tyshan Wells?
Rest in Peace
Oh why oh why oh why
It's always the good ones that have to die
Oh why oh why oh why
Bob Marley die, ?Jacob Miller? die
Another day another burial
Got you wondering 'bout the day when he bury you
Tear drops stain the wally's that you rockin'
On the block candles burn guns popin'
I just came from the cemetery where my dog was buried
Drop some buds in the earth to grow in they memory
Thinkin' 'bout the fun times we had as fam
Remembering the beef we got into but never ran
I seen a kid get ate up by his own man one time
Hid behind a car now look and duck and bust a ?
On some Harlem Nights script
But this some real life shit
Heard his scull split when you seen the slug hit
I watched the vultures swarmin'
Prayin' on his garments
They stay robbin' dead men cuz they don't give 'em problems
Heard the good die young be it by God or gun
Paint my mural on the wall sayin' my job was done
I shed tears when I hear news from my peers
That my nigga Shawn Crady was no longer here
Had me mad at my girl ready to take it to the world
Drinkin' liquor 'till I'm damn near 'bout to 'url
Got a jewel from my dog locked up in jail
Told me son is in the essence resting
All is well
While you still here: accomplish your deads
Cuz you never know when it's your time to leave
Repeat chorus several times

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