Black Trump

Cocoa Brovaz

[Featuring Raekwon]
Intro: [Steele] {Raekwon}
I had to get some real professionals for the job son
{Numero cats}
Word Up
Word Up
{Straight Blazin}
Blazin thru (x6)
Pack mode time to strike like a cobra
Poisonous venom thru your system killin' you slower
Niggaz blowin thru each other
You know me son show respect when I'm rockin the ?
Steam rollin on niggaz my team straight blowin 'em
Got em throwin they gunz in tha air like Onyx
Test the Smif-n-wessun, crew niggaz ?
Let me warn y'all killaz upstairs, i see all y'all
heavy like balls, niggaz i might blow y'all
Your ammo see y'all court block, blowin up ya ammo
handle gun on the ledge i might blow his hand off
lookin at you wide like fuck you probably think i'm high
What, chain around my like bluff, headin for egypt
hennessey drink, mohaggany gunz
Trees duck, come out yo shirt
Buckle knees duck, like a rag nigga, throw some weed up
It's cassablanca rag throw some g's up
let's poly slow motion status, bring the keys up
wonderin runners is lookin mighty feesed up
right suit bitch FBI throw his gunz up
Vegaz money niggaz holdin gunz
armed for the lift, bustin, pussys up
yo baby need new shoes and a outfit
i see ya stick up kidz ya come wit, the dick lick
swing hit limp from bushwick
2 hits wit da 2 deck shit
ya heard about em now open up ya shirt
and sew the tag see green
ya double, if ya triple, ya bitch push me
Chorus: (repeat x2)
got a poly wit ya crew stickin loot up
ya big up weight throw ya boots up
if ya step into da club wit ya gunz up
puttin pictures on mine ta raze da roof up
gotta keep it in da fam, check, check it out
[Steele & Raekwon]
Minolta flash, gun in da stash
homin 4 both hats
tek why ya slap fire out em, hold fast
bitchez gotta pay da hard way, allah swingin on em
Like a San Diego Padre
You first went da godz way, say lets start way
Professional marksmen, swimmin like killin sharks
We leak, feelin heartless
On point like a dart shit
Bomb Yo camp If You want this
Connect With convicts, on some john shit
Switch do camouflage, cat get the money in fact
Go to war like Japan, if you push and do dat
Keep his movements to 3, when he out in da streetz
Keep the stash filled with high heat, when drove the streetz
Keep the ghetto bashers, when in your crib like 2 mash men
When I run wit a tek and we ain't askin, we blastin
Chef wit da extra cannon from Staten
Rhyme official live, bust caps when makin it happen
You gotta make power moves, black gunz & cash rule
Hold my 8 straight, cuz I been payin dues
Wave kid from way back tryin to make a mil stack
when miami money cats will leave you layin down flat
Chorus (x3)
raze da roof up, word up (x7)
guess who's the Black trump (x6)
Chorus x2

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