Bucktown USA

Cocoa Brovaz

Y Yeah
Once again
Bucktown USA is the place where I rest
Should I say chill 'cause there ain't no rest for me yet
Shit I can't say chill .cause the property's hot
Got to get it while the gettin' could be got or get not
'Cause of those who cop block or those who get not
Spillin' beans like a cook to them crooked ass cops
To all my G's don't snooze
'Cause they crews in blues and whites
Comin' to the PJ's lookin' for fights
Mr. Officer cool down your temper
Me just cool you n'alf to come like no murderer
I try to do my thing, and you try to take me in
Have me stressed with a bunch of dope fiends in the pen
Then again
That's the place where you see the same face in thew street
Everybody got to charge the beat
Once again
Facin' the magistrate with the screwface
Bounce on the D-A-T-S-T-B, the new case
Home where the grass is greenah
And all the gods and earths choose a court in Medina
The place where I received my roots
Got put on to this loot
And got my first Tim boots
See me in the G-S-T-0-0
On the side of the road
Gettin' harrassed by po-po's
Home of my B-C-C
And everybody that I roll with, the family
Boot Camp's the way of life for a loner like me
Constantly holdin' courts in the street with police
Like the sergeant 81st, pretty boy is what they call 'em
Said he was a gun man, duke is kinda brawlic
Speaks with an accent, ????? I would imagine
A hot-headed dred known for jumping into action
We danced a few times
He got his, I got mine
Called the whole force up to pat us down for the crime
Said it's all about a quarter and his veins bleed blue
Your man Rudey, Juliani fucked it up for you
Ain't gonna be no dice throwin'
Dead that weed blowin'
Domestic violence, automatic fire, he ain't jokin'
Now you first offenders are gettin' hit like predicates
Goin' through the system just for standin' on the strip
Gotta keep an open eye when it's time to cop la
From dirty ass deeds and unmarks ridin' by
Home of the Originoo Gunn Clappaz
And bank safe crackers
Pot-pushin hustlers and everyday jackers
When flauntin' get cautioned if you don't ride with the right crew
?????????????????? and bust off when they can front on you
I still do
Smoke buds with the thugs
About to face the judge
Show all my niggaz love
I can't knock the hustle, get your cream by all means
Do what you gotta do to live, to feed you and your seeds
Bucktown's everywhere I see
Representatives livin' nocturnally
Break a day on the regular
All night is all right with us
As long as we can get rid of the red we get the better
But never lose your head, just maintain
Only use the cushion pain to ease your brain
No strain
When Tek and Steele bang
Ain't shit changed from birth
B-C-C degrees, on to them other planes

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