Blown Away

Cocoa Brovaz

I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose
But sometimes the flesh get's weak
And i regret the decision i choose,
But i'm not trying to sing the blues
Cuz life goes on, remembering the verse,
Nitty showed me the song
Kept me calm for a minute though
Got me mellowin juda blaze the cocoa
But in the back of my mind i still know
I still got a job to do, for real yo
Give thanks for the meal, it's time to peel though
Lick em off, soon be back to bill yo
On the bricks side where it's real for sho
But what's really buried deep in the mind, no one knows
My peeps keep me grounded, so my head don't blow
It's a struggle but the mo, i smoke the mo, my mind flow

Losin my mind, tryin to stay high
Everybody fuckin wit me, cuz they know i keep a pound of trees
Cuz i gotta maintain in me
But i'm losin my mind, tryin to stay high
Gotta link with my b.n.c.

It's the life of my man who lived for the root of all evil
I can't knock him though, cuz we was once consider peoples
We broke bread at the same chicks crib, two ribs
We just roughed up gums, we just brushed up
I burglarize my first joint playin with stack money
Who motto was "i die for it" quote from stack money
Head cappo, cuz shots round the big apple
Ain't never been no punk, my guns bust directly at you
Would of sworn he was the throughest, came threw like the prettiest
Big boy benz, 500-s series
Dump him for the love of money, by the root of o.j.'s
Bout it to half smoke philly comin out the ash tray
I didn't even know, just knew my man mr. brown
And i've been linkin up with dunn for 3 months now
Looked at my kiko asked him, which body cocked thee
Returned to death stair, eye full of blood shot
Try to block it wit a chuckel, hit that shit nigga fuck you
Fuck him, pull my coat, just hop up on the dust too
Like it's cool to be smokin on the rulers
Don't hit the spliff, less until you twist the buddhas

I'm losin my mind, rollin my dime
Frame of mind, tryin to lace my weed
That's a muthafuckin friend i don't need

It's a shame, it's a shame, how you blamed your man
For some shit that you been through, but you don't understand
It's a price to pay, the price when you play the game
If you get up in the game, get hit up in the game
I seen niggas snitch just to come home quick
Money came home, but he got hit
In the bubble whip, with the system in it
One shot, fire two, then burst
Shit that's what happen when you thrust
You think you comin home, but you meetin chrome
You really thought you had the throne, cuz you was the bone
On the block, as the bomb rock, now you
Under a rock, so the money stop, gettin
All the rules of the game, so you plan flop
Niggas seein a vision, tryin to make it to the top

Now i'm losin my mind, gotta take time
If i wanna roll that weed, cuz you know i gotta roll it in the leaf
Can't fuck with no stemi
I'm losin my mind, smokin my dime
On the lo lo from these
Cuz you know them niggas lookin for me
From some shit back from the 80's
I'm losin my mind, fuckin wit ya niggas one time...

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