Beautiful People

Sam Ock

Hello Mr Handsome and Ms Real Beautiful
I'm feelin' good hope the feelings are mutual
If not well I got the remedy the cure
Don't get it twisted my intentions are pure
I just want to address an ongoing issue
we all struggle with it maybe
with tears and tissues
misusing adjectives the name of the game
calling some people beautiful
and other people plain
can I just say that we are going insane
putting things on pedestals
which are truly inane
got the new kicks and clothes
but we still complain
are we really afraid of being some kind of lame
well I'm a messenger with something to say
you yes you are beautiful in every way
don't let the world tell you anything else
and put a big smile on
'cause it's good for your health and sing
*even when the sun goes down
I will shine and spread my love around
even when the moon goes out
I will shine and give my love my love to you
now I'm not trying to say
that your troubles go away
I'm just trying to tell you
that you're lookin' nice today
even with your sweatpants on
your big bright smile makes my worries go gone
I think we all forget how far our words go
mean things to say can make a nice day ice cold
we all know the small things in life
the smiles the compliments that help us get by
so please take this song as a gentle reminder
that life is much BRIGHTER
if you're generally kinder
so once you've done said
it you can't hit rewind
and just remember words
are the gates to the mind
and the soul love is what fills the holes
in the gaps of the hearts
that will break the old mold
if you're resonating with me
that love matters the most
from me to you then I do propose
this toast and so we sing

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