Realize (Feat. Sam Ock)

Acro jazz laboratories

Can you take me the looking glass
Let me turn my vision from all the things past
Noetic, my nature, poetic is my folly
Aesthetics of my sutures, symbolic of my calling
My perception of every fine line
Is affected expression, the artist in mind
And I m in time but your vision transcends
Yet still you involve your will in my ends
I admit that only a small part I see
A small fish tryin to envision the whole sea
And I want to be a visionary bringer of the light
But many times I feel like I m blind, preaching a sight
That I don t have, there s a portion of me lackin
Telling me to seek a darkness to go back in
But you reassure me to take heart
For your light is the catalyst, in my mind, the spark

Let me sing a soulful melody
Of the truth in blessed harmony
And I will go through darkness and every pain
So refine my heart, that I ll never be the same
I ll never be the same

I am but a product of my nature
Sinking deeper into all my crimes
And many times I wonder if the maker
Has made me with the right design in mind
And I try to explain it all away
The rhythm of the rains or where their winds sway
But I find it all futile, a figment of my tears
Then the sun sets in the night there I seeb
The moon shining in the black canvas for me
So I choose to believe in the message of the sky
The rising of the Son is my only true guide

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