Shortcuts KERO (Feat. Sam Ock)

케로 원 (Kero One)

Give me a shortcut, show me a way
I just need a side street to your heart, a faster lane
So I can get closer to the start
Just a little closer to your heart
I want to get closer to the start
Just a little closer..

(Verse 1)
I never felt this way before
my stomach sinks down to the floor
I try to play it cool, like I ain t a tool
they say men are dogs, that explains the drool
turning heads with those legs and face of yours
I ve never seen such a beautiful face before
caramel complected, chiropractic
you got  em breaking neck with all your assets
me? I m playing low key like baselines
I m in the back like Tito, Mr. incognito,
you asked mi amigos, why your friend so emo
it was at that moment, it got real.
And next thing I m texting BRB
A minute later we LOL  bout an OMG
you even think the same things too
I recognize these butterflies .. Deja vu


(Verse 2)
It was awkward, at that Nas concert
guys crowded round you, like hounds do
so you threw your arms around my collar
the freshest necklace, I felt like a baller
and I reciprocated, inundated with this feeling so right
such a beautiful night...I ll never forget the conversations we had
the one time I didn t mind, staying out of my lab
cause we, harmonized with the music we made
you talked about your past and how you re afraid
the hurts that he caused and how you escaped
I confessed my mess you expressed how you relate
should I, give you space to explore options
or play the love game and let you come stalking
I m just joshing, kinda sort of
your allure s over my head, you re my fedora

There s no other place that I d rather be
with you by my side yes we ll drive to the sea
I ll sing you Sinatra let s love and be free
no reservations and no minor key
I ll give you my heart if you give me yours
No need to hide it for you I adore
If you see me shine it s your love I glow
So give me a shortcut which nobody knows


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