Something Devine

Sam Ock

doesn’t it seem strange
that even when your mind says so
your hearts says “no, just wait and see how it feels
to fall in love with something real”
mysteries of life
speak the metaphysical, a world so full of life
oh Christ, it must be You!
the melody it leads me to

**something divine
in the perfect harmony
with a lovely melody
crafted with care
and it leads me to hear…

call it theory but i want to call it life math
call it melody but i call that my soul’s path
call ‘em chords and let ‘em pluck the heart strings
call ‘em instruments but they’re with what the heart sings
the semiotics and semantics of a man’s life
through the language of harmony, the soul’s knife
dividing moments in the memory, the many scenes
and i embrace the deepest part of me, bittersweet
the boom bap beat or maybe how the horns play
the soft touch of keys put some color in my grey
take me to a place of mine, there’s the real me
no mask, just the mirror called the music, see
call me overly romantic or religious
i feel impressions of the Maker in the rhythms
and many times i feel my words amount to nothing
but in a song, there is something…

관련 가사

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