I Believe

Sam Ock

I admit that I’m a little bit defensive
I admit that I’m a sentimental fool
Many times I know that I could be a blessing
So I’ll keep on fighting every day for truth

A “goodbye” to the bitterness and silly things
To the name-brand products and the golden rings
A “goodbye” to the grudges and the memories
Of things that weigh me down and make me freeze
A “farewell” to the idols and the flashing lights
To the darkness and all that kills my soul’s light
“Goodbye” to anything and everything
This is my life’s anthem so hear it ring! (c’mon)

**Goodbye to everything, yes, everything I knew
Goodbye to anything that keeps me back from You
Goodbye to everything, yes, everything I do
Goodbye to anything that keeps me home from You!

[J. Han]
I’m saying, “sayonara” to the world. Nice knowing you.
Sick of all your empty promises and this growing bill.
Done trying to please everybody in the cosmos.
Chasing after nothing, just ended up in a grotto
All I ever knew: “build a name for yourself
and getting buddy-buddy with security & wealth.
Dreams colored red, white, and blue painted with a yellow hue,
Decorated green c.r.e.a.m., scuffed black on the shoes.

So its “bye” to the old ways here’s the homecoming.
The symphony is playing! I’mma hit the ground running!
Let the timpanis rumble. Hear the choir humming?
The angels are delighted! Can you feel the heavens buzzing?
[AWWWWEEE] It’s been a long time coming.
But we’re finally here, and I’m loving every moment!
So it’s cheers to the good life  ain’t nothing better
and the song of the redeemed, unashamed, unfettered!

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