Talk To Me (영화 시드니 인 러브 엔딩곡)

Above Envy

When you said to me
That life can turn this time
Were you wondering
If I would still be blind

But I can see you there

Weren’t you gonna talk to me that day, weren’t you gonna tell me of a better way
Weren’t you gonna take me to that place, and let it all fall back in space
Cuz everything that we saw through, will somehow still come back to you
Won’t you talk to me, talk to me that way

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
Above Envy All You Are (영화 시드니 인 러브 주제곡)  
Above Envy(어보브 엔비) All You Are (영화 \'시드니 인 러브\' 주제곡)  
ㅂrㄷrㅅh 배경음악 Above Envy-The One  
Above Envy The One  
Above Envy All You Are  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy I\'ll Always Stay  
Above Envy The One (\'엔제리너스 커피\' CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF배경음악)  
Above Envy On My Own  

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