On My Own

Above Envy

(verse 1)
All the streets are paved with platinum
All the lights are made of sparkling gold
And this building’s built from diamonds
I’m so glad to call it my home
What a life that I am living
Just a few years I’ve been out of school
Nothing left beyond my reach and
I’ve at last the crowning jewel and

(pre-chorus 1)
I’m not jaded, so elated
To know that I have made it on my own

I’m okay out on my own, don’t ya see
I’m alright you know that I made a place to call my home
Cuz I tried so hard yah so for long, don’t ya see
It’s so great, yah cuz I’ll be okay I made it on my own

(verse 2)
A new beginning’s what I needed
All the problems that I had are gone
Now I’ve come this far I’ve made it
There’s no need to turn the clock around

(pre-chorus 2)
Try and take this smile away now
Your jealous can’t touch me any more

(repeat chorus)

And I do, I do whatever I want
And you can’t take this away from me any more
I’m above you elevated, better than
Everything and all you stand for

(repeat chorus )

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
ㅂrㄷrㅅh 배경음악 Above Envy-The One  
Above Envy The One  
Above Envy All You Are  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy All You Are (영화 시드니 인 러브 주제곡)  
Above Envy I\'ll Always Stay  
Above Envy Talk To Me (영화 시드니 인 러브 엔딩곡)  
Above Envy The One (\'엔제리너스 커피\' CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF배경음악)  
Above Envy Fly Away (MBC TV 무한도전 `조정 편` 삽입곡)  
Above Envy Show Me  

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