Show Me

Above Envy

You say you re testin the waters
Casting out this line
But baby I need your whole heart
To fill this hole in mine

Your cold and empty eyes stare
When I burrow in your chest
I thought you love me
Don’t turn out like the rest

So show me, show me
what you can t say
You want to know me
Well, find a way
Cuz I been waitin
and prayin for someone I can t see
So show me show me show me
Don t let me leave

Verse 2:
Your lips are filled with passion
When we lay down in my bed
But they don’t seem as certain
When you leave the words unsaid
I’m craving just a moment
To gaze into your mind
All I’m asking is for a lil sign

You know that your in love
when you can t fall asleep
cause reality is finally better
than your dreams

So tell me everything you need
and I ll give you everything of me
so show me

end verse:
You say you’re testin ,
casting out this line
You better reel me in or say bye bye

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
ㅂrㄷrㅅh 배경음악 Above Envy-The One  
Above Envy The One  
Above Envy All You Are  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy All You Are (영화 시드니 인 러브 주제곡)  
Above Envy I\'ll Always Stay  
Above Envy Talk To Me (영화 시드니 인 러브 엔딩곡)  
Above Envy The One (\'엔제리너스 커피\' CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF배경음악)  
Above Envy On My Own  

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