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TV: Spongebob Squarepants will be right back after these brief messages! What's that on the horizon? A pirate ship! Raid villages and find buried treasure with this new Pirates Lego set. Build the ship and decide who rules the sea! Har!

A: Cool!

TV: The New PLAY-DOH Sparkling Brights Precious Gem Press! Make large colorful gems for you and your friends with five special molds! Comes with the new Sparkling Brights PLAY-DOH compound in four new colors! Treasure chest sold separately.

B: Wow! Mommy, can I get that for my birthday?

TV: Wolverine! Jean Grey!Rogue! And Professor X! Collect all four of these special-edition collectible X-Men action figures and decide the future of mutants in our world!

A: No way! I want Professor X !

TV: The new Collector's Edition Nursery Rhymes Porcelain Dolls! Little Bo Peep comes with her own sheep and staff! Her clothes are made with the finest fabrics and real Italian lace, and her face has been hand-painted by our finest artists. Only $199.

A: Oooo! She's pretty! I've never had a porcelain doll before.

B: I doubt Mom and Dad would get you that for your birthday. She costs a pretty penny. Plus, you'd most likely break her.

TV: What is better than one board game ?Three board games in one! Enjoy playing Chess and Checkers on this side of the board. But if you're looking for some more fun, flip it and play the classic game of Sorry!

B: That's ingenious! Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?

TV: Now you can take Spongebob Squarepants wherever you go with the new Spongebob Squarepants Glow-in-the-Dark Yoyo! And now back to our show!

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