Daily Life - Vaccinations


A: Hello Mrs Parker, how have you been?

B: Hello Dr Peters.  Just fine thank you.  Ricky and I are here for his vaccines.

A: Very well.  Let’s see, according to his vaccination record, Ricky has received his Polio, Tetanus and Hepatitis B shots.  He is 14 months old, so he is due for Hepatitis A, Chickenpox and Measles shots.

B: What about Rubella and Mumps?

A: Well, I can only give him these for now, and after a couple of weeks I can administer the rest.

B: Ok great.  Doctor, I think I also may need a Tetanus booster.  Last time I got it was maybe fifteen years ago!

A: We will check our records and I’ll have the nurse administer the booster as well.  Now, please hold Ricky’s arm tight, this may sting a little.

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