No Smoking!  | Elementary

No Smoking!  | Elementary
A: Look, there are other ways to quit.  You can try the nicotine patch, or nicotine chewing gum.  We spend a fortune on cigarettes every month and now laws are cracking down and not allowing smoking in any public place.  It's not like you can just light up like before.
B: I know, I know.  I am trying but, I don't have the willpower to just quit.  I can't fight with the urge to reach for my pack of smokes in the morning with coffee or after lunch! Please understand?
A: Fine! I want a divorce!
A: It smells like an ashtray in here!
B: Hi honey! What's wrong? Why do you have that look on your face?
A: What's wrong?  I thought we agreed that you were gonna quit smoking.
B: No! I said I was going to cut down which is very different.  You can't just expect me to go cold turkey overnight!

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