Life And Death

퀸즈네스트(Queen's Nest)
앨범 : Queenographi

There is one thing I want you to listen
This maybe my first and the last word
I’m about to throw away all this burden now
What I want from you is just remember
My ugly moment and failure
And you take over what I want you to take
You can do that for me It’s only a one little favor
I’m hardly standing here
Yeh, here I stand even if you don’t try to find
Seems my mind is already crashed
Would I die for you try to end this tragedy?
Life exists and death is to be forgotten
Ignoring my ego is same as murdering
Who would know the answer?
Not the one about time
I’m sick and tired of it
Where is last I stay?
It might be cozy and peaceful place
Plz come with me my friend
Plz be looking at my ugly moment promise me
Time flows as the river does can’t tell if I’m alive
Oh, this just sucks.
Come rack your brain might get some clues from where the hell this get wrong?
Would I get to realize?! would I get to rest?! Would I get to lie down?!

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