퀸즈네스트(Queen's Nest)
앨범 : Queenographi

I'm in a circle with tears, do have no choice
my arms are held by men who were trying to take me
murmuring people over me the lord looking at me
yelled twice! punish him! as jesus said.
raising his hand and pointing me
"this is the last word, divide the man in half!"
you cannot get me. how it dare you decide
I want out from here, plz let me go.
It's my decision to survive and live
my life in this world. you cannot demand.
the woman holding my right hand.
"I'll give him up stop judging him"
I know the meaning of being possesed
will own the crown and glittering gold in my hand
as jesus said
"this is the last word, divide the man in half!"
the man looking at me raises his hand "she's real"
she looks at me and laughs holding my hand to take me away
all you want is the gold in my hand not me f#ck!

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