we waste our time with big illusions
talking to the walls
but jericho will never fall
we sold our trumpets long ago
exchanging all the best we had
into atomic masterplans
we read the books we had our chance
we spend the world for just one dance

so keep on dancing, all you fools
the cups of fury have been filled
so keep on dancing, all you clowns
lets have sip before we're killd
so keep on dancing

these politicians make me sigh
democracy is just a lie
as long as we are rich enough
each gouvernment will do for us
we feed like vampires on the world
we are the first, they are the third
there ain't no hope, we had our chance
we spent the world for one last dance

7 seals
7 trumpets
7 plagues
7 cups
7 angels
the scarlet beast
mother of harlots
faithful and true

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