Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, BWV.147

Yo-Yo Ma
앨범 : The Ultimate Classi...

Clever businessman
sneaking through the jungle
planning everything
ready to rumble
important friends
while talking about trends
Your eyes
glinting like the stars
through the smoke
the smoke of your cigars
truth got a bad taste
I tell you someting
you are boring me to death
Hey mister businessman
you are guided through life
by a business plan
stranger in love
Donttell me
about my style
thats not your world
its my life
you cant rock
with fake friends
who dont know
anything about you
You can rock
with real friends
who do know
all about you
You say you like it
dancing through the skies
but in the end
its only numbers in your eyes
I gonna tell you
my secret of success
I do what I like
dont matter if it pays
Hey mister manager
working day and night
you are tough in business
thats how you are in life
create some love
draw a line
your strategy is what you are gonna sign
to moonnp6ence from papayeverte

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