Where Do You Come From

The Kinks

In your eyes I see a thousand lives,
Where do you come from,
Where do you belong.
Visions in my mind of people crying,
Where did we go wrong,
Where do we belong.
Ways that our fathers showed us are
a menaace,
And a hindrance in these troubled times.
Blinding us,
Stealing us of our reason.
Down crash the walls of cities,
They have kept us enslaved for so many years.
Want new seeing,
New meaning for us living.

Did I see you once as a friend,
Where do you come from,
Where do you belong.
When I feel you around me,
Seems that I've loved you oh so many times,
I know you,
Do you remember me.
See fields that stretch far before us,
Offer a new vision that began with time.
Children dancing,
Joyous laughter sacred wonder.

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