All Or Nothing


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I'd bet my soul on a roll of a dice
I hit the ground runnin'
And I never think twice
I'd brave the heat of a
Wild cat fire to satisfy
My animal desire

Can't stop me now
I've set my sights on you
Right to your heart
My aim is true, that's why

All or nothing at all
Is how I feel about it
Won't stand my back to the wall
I'll find my way around it
All or nothing at all
There's nothing I won't do
And the one thing I want
All of is you

Don't want to labor at love
Rather do without
Won't carry the tourch
I want to burn down the house
I wanna give you all my lovin'
Baby listen to this
I would never settle for
Anything less

Can't stop me now
Once you've got me goin'
Can't slow me down
I'm driven by your motion

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