All that I know what the fuck's into me
Cause it's my pain You have to think about
what's fuck's necessary
You have to show me fuck's necessary .
But you just always look at me like you're stupid
can you agree with they're choice
Can you understand my violence
All that I know is what 's the truth in here.
Oh' she can you believe what they say
Can you understand what they want.
I said hat the fuck are you gonna do.
I said what the fuck are you want to do.
But you just always look at them like you're stupid.
They'll make you they're slavery.
They'll fuck you hey slavery
All that I know is what's the truth in here.
All that I know is what's the truth in here.
On this world there's no fuck's truth .
yeah they always say they're right
Can you find that fucks sight.
Why don't you fun with them all all that fuck's fun with them
all. all that lies..

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