Te Kupu

Spillin da beans Thrillin is da killin of da wicked I gots more answers Than dey care or could bear Stiffnecked fools can't hear Those weak of heart scare Dem won't come near Yet wid no respect Some stab ya in ya back Guile ya in ya face Foolish nah 4c disgrace I run wid da truth Ya canÕt shut me down Clowns and bumpnuts DonÕt know so dey corrupt Try and be fly but they Aint gots da now soldier style So I'm seen flow da lyrics down by law Put it sane and blunt The flows still a bore like yeah Ya all wanna dib be dib be dize Te Kupu come a get wise no surprise Delivery original passion Ya canÕt tell me nothin I'd give attention to if it wasn't da roots So donÕt be caught tryin To impose on da righteous Da works of da devil So be careful and don't neva eva Bringing into existence a precondition Bone jammin fillin juice In my veins IÕll explain Speaking and heard with visions A mighty one unshown Bestowed on me a lesson Left outs a da picture if ya fronting To give the light of day a thought I have brought well tonedÕs da delivery Prepare for the onslaught IÕm not afraid to speak the word Intelligence has fought Yet the wicked deny in vain The gift of truth falls like rain So while IÕm soaked the fool stays dry The suns my friend a great ally Before ya heard ya had to learn Sake-ing existence With much persistence I'll chat so ya glow See dem canÕt fool me And what a waste a time Deceit would be Before ya choke there's time to learn Before ya choke there's time to learn Bringing into existence a precondition I'm not afraid to speak the word Before ya heard ya had ta learn Before ya choke thereÕs time to learn Dem wont pause for correction Recognise the attention Righteousness wields Dem rather meld dem ways To da order of society Kill da lives ungrown But humanitys seed's sown The fruits now grown have flown With much suggestion The human nature of oppression They will argue as we usher in A new age free of their ways But whats due to come Can't be avoided No smiling faces can despise The shallow lies will pass away Cause we've arised No ism, skism, iology, Ocracy or faith, religion Can deny da affirmation In creation I am Kua mate te rörätanga E kore he tangata Ka whakaparau Te whakakoiatanga I te kapuatanga Ko tenei au

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가수 노래제목  
Te Kupu BEING  
Te Kupu MAURI  
Te Kupu the affinity  
Te Kupu WAR  
Te Kupu AUTAHI  
Te Kupu the nourishing  
Te Kupu VISION  

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