I Need Love

Deep Purple

I keep singing the same old song
Like I did before
When you left me
You left me in darkness
I'd never known before
I was restless
A fool for your time
Waiting 'round for you to call
But now I've found me
An angel of mercy
I don't feel bad at all

Your body was honey
I tasted a lot
But let me tell you babe
I need more than you got
I want someone to hold me
An' keep me satisfied
I need love

I've got nothing to do
Ain't got nothing to say
Just live your life
The way you know
When you moved on
You took all the sweetness
Was I a fool to let you go
With the woman I forget for the moment
All the times we knew before
Tho I'm still singing
The same old love song
I don't want you knocking on my door

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