앨범 : Meant To Move

[Verse One] [Champ]
Pay attention this is one time only
One of a kind homie
One rhyme at a time, until the front lines know me
This is one for the ages, I'm an open book
Thumb through the pages, take whatever you like
Before I ever wore Nikes
Stole my bike out the backyard
Snuck up in the drive in
We watched from on top of the car
Got that pawn shop guitar when I turned 11
And learned a reverend is only a man
I remember when we would bump those pioneers
Through the Pioneers
Six by nines
To fix our minds
Mix our times up to
Five and dimes
Workin, nine to fives
Just to, try and survive
So we would climb and strive
Knowin' it was a crap shoot
Just to get that loot
So I would sit and listen to my favorite rap group
When it was Triple Fat Goose and Patrick Ewings
That's what cats was doin'
The crack was ruinin' cities
Mad people without work
Just stuck with habits and no way to dig out dirt
As luck would have it
We had dipped to the outskirt
I watched it from a distance, determined to make a difference
[Verse Two] [Trek Life]
Someday man
People listen this is pieces of a man left
Stealin' back my childhood dreams so every time I breath it it's Grand Theft
Young days were the best
Couldn't ride my bike down to Lee's cause the danger of G's but I still crept
Hard headed, soft behind maker, own time taker
Clone of my big brother Rome
But a cry baby, had to have my own way
But it never came
Scared of the ball but not afraid of change
Went from substance to Bugle Boy to Cross Colored jeans
Had my own style but found it hard pullin' queens
Way I handle women now, that makes it hard to believe
But my insecurities just makes it hard to concede to failure
I probably need to tell 'em
That I care but I don't trust 'em, I proceed to let 'em
But every time I watch 'em leave they
Take a piece of me, that I say that I don't need
And that's the ebb and flow
And these just ain't words to a song
I bring murder upon
Anybody who touches my older sister wrong
This growin' up shit is takin' long
There's things I've never given up to God
I'll probably have to someday
[Verse Three] [Silo]
Yeah, someday dude
Let me talk
I was a black kid in the burbs
Private school educated
But when it came to me, them educators hesitated
Takin' their efforts in teachin' me would be negated
By my black skin
So they never took action
Never knew
Pops taught me to read when I was two
And by three
Adding and subtracting were my hobbies
They thought I couldn't compete with little Sue and Bobby
Kinda little myself, still the man is tryin' to rob me
At sixteen, I was with the doc as he sifted
Through test results, realized, Si was gifted
He got kinda misty cause so many people missed it
But the damage was done
Black skin, black listed
So now
I get paid for pushing shit around
With hundreds of pounds gettin' lifted off the ground
And I won't make a sound
Won't frown
Won't complain
I won't play the victim in this game
We all strugglin', tryin' to break them chains
Some need to lay wang just to cope with the pain
And me?
I just concentrate, focus my aim
To make a difference so people will remember my name

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