Fear Is The Conscience Of Villains


I look into the mirror
And I'm afraid not to recognize my own face
Whose eyes are watching
And seem to beg - but they are only hate
I'm afraid to speak
It's someone else that makes my mouth burst with words that tear my heart
What is my name? And who am I?
A man or just a part?

Dark Wind is carrying my soul away
Forgotten voice is calling me
This maze never ends

Calling you, missing you, killing you
My poor soul - you suffering for me
Heal me, love me, die for me,
Reborn like a Phoenix, again you will live
Calling you, missing you, killing you
Sing me a song that is sung in the dark
Falling down, breaking up, feeling pain,
But will the pain remove the evil mark

I'm shocked by dirt and foul
But I'm not free of sin
Time goes by, like sand through fingers
Easy to seem, but not to be
Sometimes I think that far beyond
There are some better realms
But hate inside is scaring me
Fear is the conscience of villains

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