Denny Thompson

We went one day about a month ago (ha ha ha) to have a little fun (ah ha) in Mexico.
We ended up in a gambling spot (ha ha ha) where the liquor flowed and the dice were hot.

So, here we are in the Tijuana jail. Ain't got no friends to go our bail.
So, here we'll stay 'cause we can't pay. Just send our mail to the Tijuana jail.

I was shooting dice, raking in the dough (long green) and then I heard a whistle blow.
We started to run when a man in blue said, "Senor, come with me 'cause I want you."


Just five hundred dollars and they'll set us free. I couldn't raise a penny if they threatened me.
I know five hundred don't sound like much (cheap), but just try to find somebody to touch.

(Chorus, twice)

관련 가사

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