Kung fu fighting

DDR 2nd Mix

Now here it is one to make you move , something with a funky kung fu groov
Something that'sll , make you shout , you play the crowd and make you want to turn it out
So honey's gather round I'll pick you up and take you on go pound for pound
'Cause I'm the only man who'll please ya I got a little something that tease ya
So throw those hands up high , shake your body move from side to side
'Cause we've just begun , party people in the place yeah we're having fun
Oh yeah I'm gonna be a big star I'm gonna lay it on and go 'woo-ha'
Cause when the move gets excited when everybody's kung fu fighting

* Everybody was kung fu fighting , these kids were fast as lighyening
* In fact it was a little bit frightening , but they found with expart timing
* (Sing it girl,) sexy kung fu fighter let me take you higher , sexy kung fu fighter let me take you higher

Dance bright lights Orinoco flow kung fu fighter's in the disco
He's on the floor he's got a white suit on , five past one and the nights just begun
Cause when he lays it on with style a ladies man with a nice smile
And right before his eyes sees a pretty young thing looking real fly
He wants to make the score so he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor
He's giving her line after line she tells him that he looks real fine
Cause he's the man of expart timing just like when he's kung fu fighting

* Repeat

Kung fu fighters in the air throw those hands in the air
The time has come ti turn it out everybody let me here you shout
1 , 2 do the kung fu , 3, 4 on the dance floor
1 , 2 do the kung fu , 3, 4 on the dance floor

Roundhouse kick karate chop too I'm gonna teach you all the kung fu
Its an astern thing that's what I'm saying , where the retro disco traces playing
Gonna make you shout make you beg for more so you get your baby on the dance floor
So boys and girls you know what to do throw those hands in the air and do the kung fu

* Repeat

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