never forget you

Mariah Carey

Never Forget You

I won't see your smile
And I won't hear you
Laugh anymore
Every night
I won't see you
Walk through that door

'Cause time wasn't on
Your side
It isn't right
I can't say I love you
It's too late to
Tell you
But I really need
You to know

(oh baby)
No,I'll never forget you
I'll never let you out fo my heart
You will always be here with me
I'll hold on to the memories baby~

Baby, can you hear me
Wherever you
May be tonight
Are you near me
I need you to be by
My side

'Cause I never said
It isn't right
I should have said
I love you
Why didn't I just
Tell you
God knows I NEED
You to know

Somewhere I know you'll be
With me
Someday in another time
But right now you're gone
You just vanished away
But I'll never leave
You behind

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