tell me why


Picture love pure as summer
Like winter in the spring
God gave them everything
To love and hold eachother
Like shelter from the rain
All through the night into the day
He never said he'd go away
But he did
And as she cried
I saw him
Just like you did that morning
No reason and no warning
Must this dream have and end for me?
Oh, tell me why
Why can't you be here by my side?
Tell me why
Someone to hold on to through the night
Please just tell me why
She tried her best to please him
In every special way
Promised he'd do the same
Cherish the kiss that started
And the feelings that they shared
Like the wind beneath a dying sail
Endlessly loving without fail
And he said
Death do us part to this
I Swear to be there beside you
Can't live my life without you
Why can't this be the same for me?
For every minut of my life
I've been blind, baby
I just can't get you off my mind
Now matter how I try
Baby, won't you tell me, tell me why

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