Knock Knock Knock

차민 (Chamin)

Knock knock knock,
a knock comes at the
door you come to me
Knock knock knock,
walk back into the
hazy painting

Knock knock knock,
I can hear the sound
of green wind
Knock knock knock,
when two hands meet
a flower appears

Knock knock knock,
I'm on my way to you
Knock knock knock,
I'm looking at you

There's an old map
waiting a half open box
After the sand hill
that is shrouded
in clouds

Knock knock knock,
you come to me
Knock knock knock,
A flower appears

A light shines that
long way off I had been
waiting for
when it sees me
Wind scattered clouds
from the sky as rain
awaken singing petals

When I knock at the door,
and look at each
other the following scent
in the rain
The light from the
top that couldn't be
reached when I
feel it my present
new day dawns

Knock knock knock,
a knock comes at the
door I meet the sky
Knock knock knock,
the gentle breeze
embraces dazzles me

When I look
out of the door that
old map is dreaming
all alone

Knock knock knock,
that beyond the hill,
covered with high clouds
Knock knock knock,
The light from the top it
warms my face

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
트랙스(Trax) Knock Knock Knock  
김박사 Knock, Knock, Knock  
트랙스 Knock Knock Knock  
TraxX (트랙스) Knock Knock Knock  
Lenka Knock Knock  
Monica Knock Knock  
엔플라잉 (N.Flying) Knock Knock  
Monica Knock, Knock  

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