True Love (English ver.)


you're the only one i need (kissin' you)
you're the only one i have (thinkin' you)
you're the only one i give my love true love (missin' you)
1. i can't believe it's over
i can't believe it's gone
baby don't leave me
i want your sweet love once again again
2. i spent the night alone endlessly
i spent my time and money uselessly
i have no one else
nobody else make it alright alright
it's about you

yo we feels a good one when we grab mics and get our job done we be speakin' honestly yes i'm half Araby i'm related to the ladies like the internet screens we speak no harsher i'm book smart my songs show my efforts i fight the microphones my oppositions i rap with comforts
young kids actin' cute this game is gettin' daily harder my songs not shaken and my tracks are leavin' markers
dome your local DJ's they suck like porn star actors
when i say hey!! U-DEY says hey i'm a cuff this game like an all star like Lebron James when i say hey Udey says hey this game feel gay these crowds look gray
hold this position in this track there ain't no intermission this game of HIPHOP spelt with a capital's my given mission i'm a take ya'll into a different dimension i'm a slide in in this instrumental intra instra constra mental

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