The Confrontation

Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe


Valjean, at last,

We see each other plain

`M'sieur le Mayor,'

You'll wear a different chain!


Before you say another word, Javert

Before you chain me up like a slave again

Listen to me! There is something I must do.

This woman leaves behind a suffering child.

There is none but me who can intercede,

In Mercy's name, three days are all I need.

Then I'll return, I pledge my word.

Then I'll return...


You must think me mad!

I've hunted you across the years

Men like you can never change

A man such as you.

[VALJEAN (in counterpoint)]

Believe of me what you will

There is a duty that I'm sworn to do

You know nothing of my life

All I did was steal some bread

You know nothing of the world

You would sooner see me dead

But not before I see this justice


I am warning you Javert

I'm a stronger man by far

There is power in me yet

My race is not yet run

I am warning you Javert

There is nothing I won't dare

If I have to kill you here

I'll do what must be done!

[JAVERT (in counterpoint)]

Men like me can never change

Men like you can never change



My duty's to the law - you have no


Come with me 24601

Now the wheel has turned around

Jean Valjean is nothing now

Dare you talk to me of crime

And the price you had to pay

Every man is born in sin

Every man must choose his way

You know nothing of Javert

I was born inside a jail

I was born with scum like you

I am from the gutter too!

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