Crush (Reprise)

어반 자카파(Urban Zakapa)

Crush (Reprise)
by [Urban Zakapa]


어반 자카파(Urban Zakapa)

Ain`t nobody loves you
Loves you like I do baby
How much I`ve been lovin` you so long, you never know
When can you see me, when can you here me out?
Love, How can I do, how can I give you up no~
You`re the only one for me forever and ever
Love, Now I`m gonna tell you how I feel inside
Feel inside~
* Here I am baby
I`ve got a crush on you girl (my love)
Can`t you feel my love, Why can`t you feel my heart
Here I am baby
I`m so into you my girl (my soul)
All I want is you my love
I used to be so shy
But ain`t wastin` no more time
Cause` I`ve been waitin` for a long time to get this moment
Enough is enough, I`m gonna tell you now
Love, Everytime I close my eyes you are the,
You are the first thing that runs to my mind
Love, Everywhere I go I see you hear you feel you
* Repeat
Don`t want nobody to love me, nobody to, Nobody but you girl Nobody but you girl
Don`t want to other to kiss me, Don`t want to other to miss me No, Ain`t no~
Don`t want nobody but you baby, My love~
* Repeat
* Repeat


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