You Complete Me

Kelly Price feat/Daron Jones &

You're my destiny

It's been a long time
Since we started
And all of the hurting we've been through
I find that I'm still in love with you

Searchin' and searchin', looking for better,
Greener pastures never grew, everything I needed
I already had with you

1 - Been around and tried to find someone
To replace the love that made us one
No one else
Could ever make me whole
You for me and only me for you

Come to me and we can start things new
Heaven knows the way that I miss you
Baby please don't take your love from me
Only you
Can make my life complete

I've learned a lesson
(I've learned it too)
Never to let the one you love slip away

Oh baby
It took this tragedy, yeah
For me to see
That you are the only one
Baby, you complete me

I never knew a love
Until you came and showed me what it was
And I'll never let you go, never again
I promise you this time
Forever we'll make it last
And things will be better
It will be better than before

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
I love you baby
I'll take good care of you
And I will do the same my baby
I love you
I love you
And I need you
And I need you too
Baby, I trust you
I trust you
I trust you with all of my heart

Repeat 1 until fade

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