프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the P, the legendary Primary Skool
Now I'm about to introduce one of the most ingenious playas aight? ya with it?
Jazz Hiphop Latin Triphop
Funk and Soul and Soul and so on and on and on
We got so much flavor for ya'll from this and there and check it out!
So now, let's get more specific ya'll!
I got to introduce the members of the P Skool, so let's start with the drum! Is you cool with it?
Okay, on the drum we got my man 재영 yeah represent yo!
and as you listen to the beautiful sound of the keyboard, that's 신영 & 관,
keep doing your thing aight! And on the funky funky bass, that's my man 태식
keepin' it sick all day! and he's makin' it right!
And last but not least, on the guitar, the leader of the band, the ingenious beat maker, my man
Primary is represent one time for all ya!

And now, let's figure out who's on the tip with the P Skool, okay?
the fresh ill collabos, you know what i'm sayin'?
here we go, 안나, Dead P, DJ Friz, Dynamic Duo, ??, Gaknakunae, Garion 진보 진실
Keebee Paloalto P type the Quiett Rhyme A Rhyme bus TBNY Yoonhyup & 다함

Don't get it wrong.

You are about to experience something that you never experienced before.
and from where? from here...from where? right here..

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) 작업의 정석 (Feat.Dynamic Duo)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Callin` (Feat.Rhymebus)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Sol (Feat.TBNY)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Seoul Street (Feat.각나그네, Paloalto)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) 지붕 위의 바이올린 (Feat.가리온)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) 날개짓 Pt.2 (Feat.Dead` P)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Half-Time Love (Feat.P-Type, Anna)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Moonlight (Feat.Kebee, The Quiett, Rhyme-A-, Anna)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Infatuate (Feat.Paloalto)  
프라이머리 스쿨(Primary Skool) Still Alright (Feat.각나그네)  

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