Wait For You


to moonn6pence  from shootingstar

I ascend to you through
Time and space
I transcend beyond this silent place
I will meet you on the astral plane
Where you love will bring me life again

I Osiris, God and star
I the seed of Ahtum Rah
Call to me I can’t resist
My beloved Isis
Prophecy, assign in view
Destiny aligns the truth
Helical and rising through
I will wait
For you I built the stars on earth
Soon the realms of death reverse
Until them my aim is true
I will wait for you

Some world desecrate
This sacred place
Dare to look upon my golden face
Those whose eyes profane
This holy test
Never hear the silent wings of death

Still my legacy exists
This colossal edifice
Thirty million tons of stone
To project my soul

Deep within this sacred tomb
Centuries inside the womb
Wrapped in my palatial room
I will wait for
You and I the golden few
Labyrinth between the two
Til my faith can lead me through
I will wait for
You and I will reconcile
Cross the wide celestial Nile
Constellation counterparts
Correlation of the hearts

All accord to this design
For the night the stars align
From the opening of my mouth
To the seed inside you

Ahtum moves a setting sun
When the day God Rah is done
Watching from the dead I rule
I will wait for you among the stars
Behold, secrets deep within the scrolls
Till the ritual is through
I will wait for

Life and death are brittle tools
Just a veil we’re passing through
Nothing fades this love so true
I will wait
For you know I’m prepared to do

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