Crescent Noon

The Carpenters

Green September
Burned to October brown
Bare November
Led to December's frozen ground
The seasons stumbled round
Our drifting lives are bound
To a falling crescent noon

Feather clouds cry
A vale of tears to earth
Morning breaks and
No one sees the quiet mountain birth
Dressed in a brand new day
The sun is on its way
To a falling crescent noon

Somewhere in
A fairytale forest lies one
Answer that is waiting to be heard

You and I were
Born like the breaking day
All our seasons
All our green Septembers
Burn away
Slowly we'll fade into
A sea of midnight blue
And a falling crescent noon

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
ruppina Crescent  
Rainy sun CRESCENT  
Masaji Watanabe Crescent  
드린지 오(Dringe Augh) Noon  
Lake Of Tears Under The Crescent  
Mocca Sing (The Carpenters Cover)  
中島美嘉 crescent moon  
中島美嘉 Crescent Moon  
Nakashima Mika CRESCENT MOON  

가사 수정 / 삭제


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