Independence Day

David Byrne

Now and then I get horny
At night you do
At night you do
Smile - from side to side
At night you do
At night you do

She'll be comin' round the mountain
Six white horses by her side
No stops for gas, food or lodging
She's wearing nothing but a smile
And though we struggle for our freedom
Our need for others still remains
We know what will make us happy
We know what will ease our pain

We'll pretend we are married
At night we do
At night we do
Slide your hand in mine
At night we do
At night we do

My bed is flyin' out the window
I'm pullin' up my covers to the rain
And down below cats are howlin'
It's a family affair

They're selling vegetables on Broadway
A man is runnin' for the train
Strollin' down 42nd Street
On our Independence Day
Rub-A-Dub on 57th Street
On our Independence Day!
Arm in arm on 82nd Street
It's our Independence Day

Hey Mister, Hey Lady
Hey sisters walkin' hand in hand
We'll be lovers in the open
We'll be lovers on Independence Day
Hand in hand, hand in hand
Hand in hand on Independence Day

This compass points in two directions
And North and South are both the same
We'll look forward to the good times
Come our Independence Day

Hey Lady! You make me giggle
We'll squiggle like honeymooners do
I'm struck by lightnin', it's frightnin'
So excitin', on Independence Day

Uncle Vera, Auntie Ida
Get so excited on Independence Day

Been waiting such a long time
Waiting such a long time
Waiting such a long time
Waiting such a long time
Till Indep

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