John Hiatt

I woke up in a sweat reaching for a cigarette
All choked up all you get is gone
What I said I wouldn't know
All she said I gotta go
The room all red burning slow

Gone like unwritten history
Gone like human bravery
Gone but she left this memory
She's gone gone gone

Her impression on the sheet
Bed still warm air still sweet
No possessions out on the street
And gone

She tied me up in a bow
til I could not let her go
We interrupt we interrupt this hsow
She's gone

Gone like dust upon the wind
Gone like virtue gone like sin
Gone like your last shot of gin
She's gone gone gone

Morning pours into this room
Draw the curtains seal the tomb
Your heart is sore your fate is doomed
She's gone

Gone like elephant ivory tusks
Gone like the black rhinoceros
No she no me no we no us
She's gone gone gone

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