Conquer Me Conquer You

John Hiatt

With a poor boy's heart and a gypsy's soul
I come knocking on the door of your beauty
And in the fire of love which nobody can control
You are a million flaming mirrors that confuse me
I appear as a stranger which leaves you in danger
Of showing me a little too much
So you hide in the turning of love's constant burning
'til the fire is too hot for me to touch
Just too hot to touch

While the flames die down and the sparks go away
And we stare at each others ________ (?)
Well the slaves of the pain and the glory of the day
And the free flight that constantly crashes
Well how much do we give in order to live
Just as free as the love that will find us?
Well the light is so bright it fills up the night
But if we look for too long it will blind us
That light's going to blind us
Conquer me conquer you
That's all that we do, that's - that's all that we do
Conquer me and conquer you yeah-ay

So I do my dance out on the edge of the world
And I wait for a woman to save me
With my life in a trance and my eye on a girl
While I live between that which enslaves me
Sometimes she'll curse me sometimes she'll nurse me
Back to a health that her love requires
Well I come up the winner or I come up the sinner
But only to burn in the fire
Only burning in the fire

Conquer me conquer you
That's all we do, that's all that we do...

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