I'm Always Dreaming Of You

Tommy Page Featuring Sally Yeh

I remember noticing you first
no one knew that I was looking at you
kept a disguise, for fear inside
you didn't feel it to
couldn't tell you what it was you did
your presense made a standing still in time
taken by your stare, I said a prayer
someday you'll be mine
well someone was watching, someone was listening
someone answered me
now that I found you I can't live without you
baby, oh baby

I'm always dreaming of you
you're on my mind, everywhere I go
and baby don't you know
just what my world's been going through,
I try to stop my thoughts, but that would be a lie
and I can't deny it's true
I'm always dreaming of you

nothing seems to matter anymore
everyone I meet is not you (no one compares to you)
life's not the same
I don't complain, now that love feels true

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